Complete product coal & rejects handling and storage system upgrade

for BAYSWATER COLLIERY CO. (Design and Construction Project)

Design construct project for the supply and installation of three high rate discharge, expanded mass flow bins for crushed coal, washed coal and rejects, and all the associated conveyor systems.

Key Benefits

  • Optimised expanded mass flow for maximum capacity with best bin wall / wear liner life.
  • Automated Euclid truck optimised fast filling system; 44,000 tph on rejects.
  • 1.9m square, fast acting double blade gate design loads dump trucks to full rated capacity.
  • Extremely reliable operation.
  • Compact functional economical system. The mine loved it!

Project Summary sheet

iPUT Project Sheet - Bayswater Coal Washery Upgrade
iPUT Project Sheet – Bayswater Coal Washery Upgrade

(Click image for .pdf Summary sheet)