ROM Coal Crushing Auto-Loadout System at Idemitsu Boggabri Coal Mine

for $/t service contract (Design and Construct Project)

Greenfield Design construct project for the supply and installation of a primary and tertiary crushing station to suit a Cat 988/990 FEL, an automatic 500t Bisalloy lined load-out bin for 125t+ B-Double truck operation, a conveyor with coal scan, sampling and automated tramp metal removal systems, and associated electricals. Set up $/t contract.

Key Benefits

  • Innovative technical and operational self-recovery features for robust one man full system operation.
  • Automated 125t+ B-Double truck fast filling multiple redundancy fail safe system.
  • Considerable (50%) reserve above required 300t/hr capacity.
  • Optimised expanded mass flow 500t bin for maximum capacity with best bin wall / wear liner life.
  • Extremely reliable operation.
  • Compact functional economical system. The mine loves it!
  • Economical system design with features to minimise future washery upgrade costs.
  • 24 week program delivery despite an unusually complex project environment.
  • Facility reputedly the best of its kind in the country (and well beyond! – click to see World Coal extract).

Watch 1.5 minute video of 135t Truck Fully Loading (click here to view on YouTube)

or   (click to view an early side shot composite during proving trials)

See Inside McLanahan Feeder Breaker During Pre-Delivery Test via a 2 min video (click here to view on YouTube)

Project Summary sheet

iPUT Project Sheet - Boggabri Crushing Loadout System
iPUT Project Sheet – Boggabri Crushing Loadout System

(Click image for .pdf Summary sheet)