RailCorp Passenger Car Fleet Expansion

UGL Outer Suburban Car Stages 1 & 2 Retrofit and Stage 3 Expansion for RailCorp (Mgt Contract)

Due to a variety of factors the OSCar Stage 1 & 2 fleet (30 @ 4 car sets) had been released for service with an extremely high cumulative non-critical defect count (~10,000) which caused significant difficulties within client & contractor alike. Calsun’s Vince Sunter was engaged by RailCorp to oversee rectification of this complex situation, and subsequently ensure a new contract did not encounter the extreme problems of the earlier sets which were ultimately an excellent product, but very much a failed contract.

Key Benefits

  • Moved the focus in the failed 1 & 2 contract from a blame and fight mentality to actually achieving the outcome, despite extreme resistance from some parties and under a seemingly insurmountable task load.
  • Catalyst to refocus RailCorp’s internal processes to be more realistic and outcomes oriented.
  •  Pivotal role to make the relationship “work” => OSCar 3 regarded as “best ever” NSW govt project to date.

$1.5M Brochot Potlining Ramming Machine

for Capral Aluminium (Project Management)

This project was conducted as a part of an 18 month overall project management contract for all capital development works associated with the potlines, mobile equipment and engineering services depts. Total project budgets in vicinity of $5M. Typically included initial feasibility investigation, estimating, capital approval, design, procurement, construction & budget accountability. Multiple projects in aluminium potlines, casting plant and carbon bake plant including several specialised vehicles, $1.5M Brochot potlining ramming machine, crane & fixed equipment upgrades.

Key Benefits

  • Much better end user functionality due to highly communicative, consultative process used.
  • Projects always completed well ahead of schedule and under budget.
  • Engineering was seen more as a true service dept to provide better outcomes.