We provide decent answers to your most challenging issues. We make sure we can always deliver on schedule, safely, and we do it economically - without over-charging you! Usually, we find a better way than may have been previously contemplated. Or we 'find a way', where none previously existed. This service is often provided as a follow-on from earlier conceptual engineering / costing works.

We value our customer relationships highly, and are happy to go the extra mile to help you get what you want, in the way it needs to happen, all in a professional no-fuss way. For a mature client that understands the high benefits to be had from a partnering style relationship with a quality D&C supplier, we will put together action based proposals, often only recouping the cost once a project is authorised.

We are able to undertake projects in pre-funded, off balance sheet cash-flow positive lease arrangements, BOOM / BOOT, etc, and all at attractive rates from like-minded financiers.

Key Benefits

  • Getting what your process needs for the minimum fuss and cost.
  • Easy to 'live with' - we ensure you have proper oversight without getting in the way.
  • Extensive knowledge base available to quickly focus outcomes.
  • We only sell you what you need, and know what that is. No 'variation mindset' around here!
  • Very disciplined approach to project delivery execution.
  • Real results quickly, without the hassles of Big Companies and their overheads....