We offer commitment at all levels of a project execution, from initial planning, preparing for construction, construction management and all related services. For years, we have successfully met our client’s demand for cost effective and responsive service.

Examples of Mgt Contracts &/or EPCM (Engineer, Procure, Construct, Manage) Project Management work are as follows:

Curragh Washery Construction & Commissioning
Bulga Coal Handling Systems Major Upgrade (Proj Mgr)
RailCorp Passenger Car Fleet Expansion
Beltana Mine Surface Infrastructure
Hebburn Mine Washery & Materials Handling (Proj Mgr)
Ravensworth Coal Terminal Stage 1

Our role in these projects can range from purely overview advisory input to full control as client's representative, superintendent etc. We can also be effective catalysts to bring about substantial change to a client's organisation using proven project management techniques. For example, a contract to manage a Thiess fabrication facility saw it move from in the red to the black within 6 months and become profitable above target soon afterward.

Key Benefits

  • Wide experience and knowledge base available to keep projects under proper control
  • Extensive experience at managing commercial aspects of projects
  • Significant detailed contractual knowledge and experience
  • Strong Team Players and will ALWAYS get the required outcomes