We have extensive experience implementing, providing and managing full 24 hour presence on-site maintenance management contracts for underground conveyor systems and are able to implement operational contracts of this kind quite readily. These can vary from supply of appropriately trained and equipped personnel to a full professional condition monitoring based maintenance management hierarchy.

We are very experienced at managing human resources, safety and industrial relations to maintain extremely high personnel and equipment availability that produces significant benefits for the end client.

We have the capability to take existing plant over and provide a full $/t operating contract.

For one-off refurbishment upgrades, we have worked extensively with materials handling equipment commonly used in the materials handling and processing industry, as well as having strong general equipment engineering knowledge. We have considerable experience with producing an economical inspection and report, and carrying out the required works in conjunction with client needs. This can include standard repairs / upgrades, site machining and repairs, specialised repairs and upgrades, and a host of other related activities.

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Key Benefits

  • Direct extensive experience in contract on-site maintenance - "got the runs on the board".
  • Win-Win partnering goals easily established and very achievable.
  • Greater experience base and control of operations can be achieved.
  • Thorough understanding of the operating environment and performance required of equipment.
  • Commitment to doing the "right" repairs, without over-servicing.
  • Able to upgrade equipment without compromising reliability.